November 2, 2011

Dancing In The Forest

   The room was dark and the faint smell of paint hung in the cool air. The darkness was peaceful, and the warmth of your arms was heavenly. The music softly played in the background, a slow song I didn't know. And as the music played, you begged me to please just dance with you.
   Never the dancer, I cautiously smiled up at you and declined, to which you merely took my hands and started to sway. Firmly at first, I told you no. Even in the darkness, I just couldn't handle the impending mortification that is me dancing. However, as the smell of your skin intoxicated me and your softly worded requests rung in my ears, my resolve broke down.
   Before I knew it, my hips were giving in and I swayed along with you. Then, as if by magic...
   The music moved into a sunnier tenor, and the tempo picked up. The love song reached its height of passion, and your feet took off, leading me into a flawless waltz. The lights raised at that exact moment, illuminating us in the muted aqua shades of the stage lights. Although I knew it was just a set, we were suddenly in an enchanted forest, surrounded by a draping of Spanish moss over the low hanging trees. We were dancing, really dancing, in that magical world that belonged to just us.
   Even when the music stopped and the harsh white stage lights returned to obstruct our view, I still felt the same. Swimming in the deepest of affections I had ever felt, I whispered an I love you to quiet for even myself to hear. But, newly in tuned, you heard me. And, as caught up in the moment as me, you returned it to me in the liquidy smooth voice I love more and more each day.

Love, Lilah Belle

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