November 22, 2011

Slide Sweetheart

   Static electricity buzzes all around us as our lips meet once more.... This feeling is phenomenal, but sadly, thanks to the twisted priorities of the mind, forgettable. So let's preserve it, shall we?
   I played here as a child. I used to squeal in delight sliding down this very slide, and over there, across the playground is where I broke my ankle. I used to spend long summer days here before walking home holding my mother's hand and returning to my perfect little world back home. This was my favorite place in the whole wide world.
   Now, I find myself in the collision of my teenage and childhood favorite places: your arms and this slide. You pull me a little closer, the movement shifting the static in the tube of this slide and making my hair stand up. A smile spreads across your face, lit with the yellow of the sunshine filtering through the plastic slide. "I look ridiculous, I know." I laugh.
   You smile a little wider and kiss my nose. "No, you always look beautiful to me."

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