November 1, 2011

Hell Week

   It's opening week of your production, and the countdown is dwindling, with just three more days of rehearsals until you open. They call this week hell week for all you actors in the show, but I'm discovering that it's hell week for all of us.
   As the deep violet hollows beneath your eyes exhibit, you really are going through hell this week. With rehearsals running late, you've hardly had time to even breathe, much less communicate with me. It's been nearly three days since you and I even had a decent conversation. And when I do see you, you're a zombie, hardly even able to murmer a hello in your exhausted state. It's a wonder you're still on your feet, much less making any effort to interact with people. But you're trying, and that has to count for something....
  And it's only Monday.

Happy hell week, honey. Feel better soon.
Love, Lilah Belle

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