October 4, 2011

Branches Aflame

   I need a break from this melancholy, from the chilled October rains. I need to get away for a while, maybe take a drive someplace.

   There's a meadow not too far from here, overlooking a deep valley carved between the two hillsides that divide my county. The maples lining the hills are aflame now, lighting the canyons with brilliant scarlet. Soon the aspens too, will go up in color. Rich reds, soft orange, bright canaries... the leaves light up with the rainbow of colors. The grassy meadows verdant in their spots, offsetting the cerulean sky. That's what I need. I need to refresh my eye with the beauty of autumn.

    I need to get away, even for just a few hours. I need to go. Oh! How I've missed looking upon beautiful things. I've been blinded by my problems for so long, I've forgotten how happy gazing upon a single pretty moment can make me. Really, I think I've forgotten happiness in general. It's been so long.

Love, Lilah Belle

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