October 15, 2011

Fairy Lights

   The whimsy of fairy lights has always caught my fancy. Since I was a child, I have been enraptured by their twinkling and mesmerized by the romance they seem to put off. Fairy lights, to me, capture the entire essence of the night sky....

   And tonight was no different. Tonight, as I found myself entangled in your arms, I still noted the twinkling of the fairy lights overhead. Their glow glinted off the pink satin of your slightly askew tie, and caught the glitter of happiness in your eye. The soft light illuminated your wide smile, seeming to both brighten and soften it. The magic of being with you was only increased by all the pretty lights.

   My breath caught in my throat tonight as you leaned down to whisper in my ear a soft, "I love tonight. I love you." With those magical lights looking on, I closed my eyes to memorize the moment and meet your lips in a sweet kiss.
Love, Lilah Belle

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