October 2, 2011

Suddenly Three

   This isn't supposed to feel like this, it isn't supposed to feel so wrong. Wrapped in your arms, everything is supposed to feel at peace. The whole world is supposed to be right, once it was even perfect here. But now, things just aren't quite right.
   His eyes rest upon us, and I simply can't focus in your gaze. His sorrow radiates beside us, and the bliss can no longer overcome me now. I close my eyes to kiss you, but I can still see his sad face behind my closed lids. Our lips meet and tongues dance, but my mind can't zero in on the perpetual joy between us, it stays with him; feels his pain. I feel like I'm betraying you, but it's all completely involuntary.
   It isn't right, and it's killing me slowly. This is supposed to be just you and I, this relationship made for two. So then why, why, why are we so crowded? Why are we suddenly three, instead of you and me?

Love, Lilah Belle

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