October 14, 2011

A New World

   When I was a little girl, I loved the Chronicles of Narnia. I relished the idea of entering a magical kingdom that was far from home, the idea of escaping my world for one that was entirely different! I remember sitting on the floor of my messy little bedroom with my nose buried in the book, submerging myself with the fantastical world.

   Now that I am a teenager, I have long since abandoned that world. However, I have not deserted the idea of escaping to a whole different world. So, today, when you took my hand and led me away, I felt a pang of nostalgia. As you wended down the hallway and led me to the room where we could be alone, I felt something entirely new... yet somehow familiar.

   Your hand rested on my cheek as our lips met and as you murmered a declaration of your affections for me,I found myself in an entirely new, fantastical world. Slow snowfall of Narnia was replaced with the thin layer of dust covering the neglected shelves. Beds of leaves to dive into became the twisted blue cotton mass of your bed. The magical world shifted to encompass your bedroom, to enclose only our kissing forms.

   Your company is my magic. It has truly changed everything I thought I once knew... it has taught me how to love.

   And love only you.

Love, Lilah Belle

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