October 5, 2011

Our Trio

   We're already a little crowded in our relationship, a trio where a duo should be. We're already getting clausterphobic here, too close for comfort for any of us. So tell me, why am I feeling so alone?
   These circumstances are anything but normal, and no one can really help. These trials are unique to us, no counsel can possible soothe our pains. Only we could sort this out, if only we knew how. There's no roadmap or playbook though, seems like we're on our own.
   I don't want this anymore--I'm tired of being confused. I hate watching him hurt, but I want nothing but to be with you. I love him like family, but I'm in love with you. I can't possibly choose between hurting you by satiating him, or hurting him to keep you content. It's hurting me to go through all this, but suffering my pain seems to be the most fair option.
   I want you. I want to keep being best friends with him. I can't talk to you or risk killing you. I can't talk to him or risk killing all three of us. But keeping all this inside is killing me too. I'm all alone in our crowded relationship, scared and ever so confused.

Love, Lilah Belle

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