October 23, 2011


   I had never imagined doing this, but today, I allowed you into my paradise. Our fingers interlaced, I led you carefully into the store, weaving our way through the shelves of books ceiling high. More extensive, more cultured, less populated than our town library; I have always truly considered that store to be my true home.
   I had expected myself to draw back quietly into the stacks of heaven as I always do and you to just stand by awkwardly, but was pleasantly surprised when you felt every bit as at home as I was. My smile grew miles wide as we laughed in the narrow aisles between the shelves. You grinned at me and winked as you slipped around corner after corner, always just out of reach from my affectionate touch. The shopkeeper, too, took a grandmotherly look of adoration as she watched us wind our way through the store; obviously feeling the delightful love between us too. She played a love song for us, something in French with an amorous melody I still can't get out of my mind, as she watched our banter.

   Finally, we settled together in a leather chair in the back of the store. The only sound was the soft purr of your voice as you read to me. For once, I couldn't even focus on the literature, though. I found myself gazing at your face as you read the sweet poetry, thinking to myself that this had to be the happiest moment I've ever had in the place I once considered to be heaven. I realized, though, that is was only heaven now that you were there with me completing the moment so perfect I had never even dreamed of it.

Love, Lilah Belle

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